Our primary service is OCD coaching led personally by our founder, kerry Osborn.

 Coaching can be an essential asset to both everyday life as well as those who are seeking accountability, support and in OCD therapy and Recovery.

Kerry has unfortunately seen the worst of ocd. She has completed extensive & intensive personal exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) treatment via the gateway institute, as well as years of therapy and mentorship from Gateway in California. kerry has a Bachelor's degree from concordia university, Irvine, and specializes in communication and business techniques that best suit her individual coaching clients. Additionally, Kerry is certified from the national council for behavioral health in mental health first aid and crisis usa. here at the obsessive outsiders, we firmly believe that it is not just the amount of psychology classes and degrees that make a profound difference in overcoming ocd, but the amount of learned experience. That personal experience is one thing kerry does not lack. kerry worked for years to break the foundation of her severe ocd, and she successfully lives a life in ocd recovery today. Since Kerry has personally "cracked the ocd code," She desires to be the accountability and inspirational coach and friend outside of therapy that she wishes had been available to her.

There is something to be said for the therapeutic touch of someone who has been through the worst of what you are going through - and has lived to tell the tale and help save others from the pitfalls if possible. 

we firmly believe in seeking therapy from a licensed health care professional is the golden standard for treatment - which is why one of our primary services is to do our best to connect you with a trusted therapist or treatment center, especially if you have never before received treatment. Take it from someone who knows and has been through many therapists who were not properly trained in treating OCD. 

As the years persisted, kerry began to stumble upon an unfortunate reality - Dare we say sometimes therapy isn't enough in the long run? It can be expensive, feel disconnected at times, and infrequent for dealing with everyday life in between therapy sessions. Let's say you go to therapy for one hour once a week. Wouldn't that be enough? What about the other 23 hours of the day you still have intrusive thoughts and are compelled to perform compulsions? Do you trust yourself to be your own therapist those other 23 hours? What about the other 167 hours throughout the week when you're just trying to live your life but get set back almost as soon as you leave your therapists office only to feel further defeated? We want to teach you the mentality and techniques to become your own personal therapist stemmed from a successful patient perspective. understanding and implementing this tool is what ultimately led kerry to ocd recovery.

We are there for you when someone can't be. We offer custom options with unlimited support, because we know what it is like to not be able to just call your therapist. We hope you love the friendship and support based coaching system kerry has instilled through the obsessive outsiders.


Disclaimer: By participating in our coaching services, you acknowledge that Kerry is not a licensed health care professional and her services do not replace the care of health care professionals. coaching takes a different approach than health care professionals, and although can be a great addition to treatment, does not replace treatment.

Privacy Policy: We take your privacy seriously, and we will not redistribute your personal information to anyone without your express written permission unless we have reason to believe you pose as a threat to yourself or to others.

Upon deciding to proceed with our coaching services, a legal coaching agreement will need to be signed between Coach (Kerry) and Client which acknowledges the above information in much more detail so both parties are comfortable and clear on the services provided.

Coaching Service Rates

*all clients Initially receive a thirty-minute free phone consultation*

  • We want to truly get to know you and hear your story, concerns, goals and how we can best help you get to a place where you want to be. you will receive an assessment form to complete prior to the consultation to assist us in efficiently working with you. This is a time when we get to know each other on a personal level, and begin a buddy system that individually fits the client. we provide coaching services via phone, email, text, FaceTime, and Skype. Please note that at this time we will assess if we believe we can help you, or if we believe you will receive the best results by helping refer you to the best equipped treatment facilities. We want you to get the best suited guidance and help, even if it isn't with us. 

Personalized coaching session hourly rate: $55

  • Typically clients begin with personalized one-on-one coaching sessions via phone, FaceTime or Skype, based on the client's preference and needs.
  • We firmly believe that if we are working with OCD Clients - we are here integrate hopeful techniques, mindfulness, and practices easily into your everyday life, and likely need to have at least one session at the hourly rate per week. If you want long term results in overcoming your intrusive thoughts, we feel we wouldn't be servicing and supporting you as ethically or efficiently if we are not in regular contact to help support you in beating the ocd, which we firmly believe is possible. 
  • if we are working with you on anxiety, overall mental health, social anxiety, etc., we allow you to schedule sessions as desired.

Premiere Monthly Coaching Package : Customized

  • This package is different for everyone, as it is based on your current mental health state, current and past treatments, and is specifically designed to make you feel less alone in your mental health and ocd journey.
  • Options range from a minimum of two one-hour sessions per week, to a monthly retainer fee that grants you unlimited contact and support with your coach. 
  • Arrange a personal accountability program and goal system to track client's progress and to have a more structured approach to fighting to get your mind back and improve your overall quality of life. 
  • The goal is to set up a personal schedule that accommodates your life, and therefore is very flexible with timing and scheduling on your behalf.

Please fill out the below form to set up your free consultation today and we will be in touch with you shortly. Thank you for your interest in working with us! we can't wait to show you that you are truly not alone!

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public speaking/keynote addresses/panel discussion appearances

Kerry is a lively, upbeat speaker who has a firm passion for helping those who struggle with mental health and the mental health stigma. Kerry's unapologetic approach is refreshing and is solution based - not problem based. Kerry has a background and degree in communication and public speaking, and has spoken publicly at events ranging from small to hundreds of people at a time. 

As these events typically vary based on travel, topics and audience size, please contact kerry directly for pricing by filling out the information below. Thank you!

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