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Kerry has battled with severe Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder since her diagnosis in 2008. Although she had OCD tendencies all her life, the real battle set in after a traumatic car accident as a teen. Kerry progressively Became worse throughout the following year after the accident and within only a few months, was living a life that no longer seemed worth living. After a gruesome first year in University and many untargeted therapists and doctors later, Kerry went on to enter the Intensive Therapy Program at The Gateway Institute to learn how to combat her OCD and anxiety. It was at The Gateway Institute that Kerry began to understand and discover the tools that enabled her to battle her OCD head on, and put up a fierce fight against the disorder for the first time. 

Throughout the next few years, Kerry was able to continue her intensive fight against the commonly misunderstood disorder and with much persistence, she was able to live a fully functioning life amidst severe OCD. Kerry went on to give moving speeches and personal consultations, acquired many coveted internships, and graduated from a private University with honors. Considering Kerry was unable to write a full sentence at one point due to her constant obsessions, these were profound accomplishments.

At her healthiest state in five years, Kerry moved to Los Angeles for a highly anticipated career in Celebrity Fashion Public Relations. Two years later, Kerry left the entertainment industry to pursue a career as an author and public speaker on behalf of her battle with OCD. Kerry now devotes her life to being an inspiration for other 'obsessive outsiders' to believe in and continue the rigorous fight against severe OCD. Kerry's first non-fiction book, The Obsessive Outsider, is now available for purchase. the book takes on a refreshing patient-to-patient approach the industry desperately needs. 

Kerry has noticed a significant lacking of a community for misunderstood obsessive outsiders, and has created this website as a home base for the movement of encouraging each and every one of them to stand up against this disorder and put up a consistent fight. Kerry is a walking example of someone who just a few years ago was unable to function in reality, but has withstood all odds to come back and do it better than anyone else.