I Don't Fall Asleep Without These Three Things



I take my nighttime routine so seriously, people actually have asked to spend the night just to watch. It's actually a bit comical, my boyfriend gets a realllllll kick out of it - but can I just say he has adapted to purchasing and using these three items every night for himself as well? What'ya know? My friends? Same thing. 

I am ALL about ambiance. Regardless of my mood - I need a clean, fresh, airy, light ambiance in order to function during the day. At night, I need a fresh bed, quiet time, and a few accessories before climbing into the space I plan to spend the next eight hours.

I feel it's important to note - I am not 'obsessive' about these tendencies and preferences of mine. To aid and continue in my recovery since we know OCD can grab onto just about anything - I purposely change up this routine once a week or so to make sure I don't get TOO comfortable. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. 

I love trying new things to brighten up the ambiance in which I live. It's my little way of taking care of myself and products like the below - well, I live by them. Check them out, and see if any or all are worth trying in your life. Make sure to report back and let us know your experience!

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  1. Natural CALM

    You may have heard of this common tactic, but if not - just know this is my numero UNO. Few people realize the true benefits of magnesium for restorative sleep, how many of us have deficiencies in magnesium, and what it all means in terms of improving your quality of life. This can lead to many issues that you may never know relate back to magnesium. My mom and grandma are HOOKED on this stuff because they found this to be the ONLY thing to help with their leg cramps in the middle of the night. Legitimately  - every single night they drink a warm cup of CALM before bed, and they don't get the cramps. If they forget, they wake up with leg cramps every. single. time. 

    I like to use a teaspoon (very important to use little amounts and follow directions at first orrrrrr you just may find yourself in the restroom one too many times that night) and mix with hot water about an hour before hitting the sack. I take this magical powder because it is the most natural way to come down after a long day, and let's be honest - just after any day in this life. Magnesium helps deep, REM sleep so much. My family has used this for years, and now all of a sudden I see it all over blogs and being used by influencers, and I know they aren't just pushing product - they recommend it because it really works. 


2. Acupressure Mat

You guys may be very familiar with this puppy since I just did an entire blog post on this puppy two weeks ago. I'll spare you my same spiel, but this is my second step after I drink my CALM. I lay on this mat and pillow for fifteen minutes and almost always am so sleepy at that point - no matter how restless I was prior to laying down - I somehow stumble into bed and never know what hit me! There have been many nights when I can't sleep and I roll out of bed onto my acupressure mat, and fifteen minutes later I'm seeing stars behind my eyelids.

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3. Pillow & Linen Spray

First and foremost - this HAS to be a natural solution or it's a no-go for me. This is my personal recommendation, but there are all kinds on the market you can grab. Seven Minerals sources their magnesium in the USA and takes quality control very SERIOUSLY. This is huge for me -  I don't want to think I am getting high quality magnesium oil and actually get little potency. In addition to the magnesium oil, this spray has Clary Sage, Lavender, Sweet Majoram, and my personal favorite - Cedarwood. Ahhhh, ZzZz. My favorite part before climbing into bed is pulling my spray out of my nightstand and dusting a light spritz over my pillows and bedding.

Then ya girl straight DIVES into my cozy, fluffy bed and close my eyes  to drift off while being consumed by my favorite scents with NO harsh chemicals.