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In December of 2017, we were extended an invitation to attend the "Happiness" OOTifyX Happy Pill Event in Los Angeles. AKA - the first mental health "party" we've ever been to. The two companies set the stage for a lot more excitement on the horizon - great vibes, delicious food and drinks, and everyday conversations about mental health with people you just met. There was no judgement. There was no taboo feeling. There was no "exclusive" vibes. It was a normal Saturday night, where like individuals were able to come together and feel a sense of place - a rare feat when discussing mental heath or mental illness in today's world.  

On top of the unexpected invitation, our Founder Kerry was invited to be a speaker at the event which you hopefully saw the coverage of. Cue the beautiful ambiance of the Fine Arts building overlooking Downtown Los Angeles, a room full of highly intelligent, forward thinking individuals and professionals, and an evening of interactive, educational discussions all leading to the demand and launch of the newest social enhancement platform.

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 A Social Enhancement Platform. What is it?

[Social: Interactive and positive community coming together to address a social stigma].
[Enhancement: Health-tech integration for personal development and enhancing relationships].

Enter OOTify: a new social enhancement platform designed to change the way we care for our mental health through open dialogue and supportive community.

The mantra is simple: accept, communicate, and enhance. Once you accept others and/or your challenge, the app connects you with the right person so you can get the support that you need.  In doing so, they hope you're able to enhance yourself and your relationships. It's that simple.

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Why You Need This App:

OOTify connects you with a mental health professional, life coach, or mentor by utilizing artificial intelligence to expedite the intake process and connect you with someone in real time.

Once you're connected, you can utilize HIPAA compliant audio, video, or text messaging to talk through your issues. The first fifteen-minute consultations are ALWAYS FREE. You shouldn't ever have to cold call someone for help again.

Oh, and did we mention there are no subscription fees? Once you meet the perfect match, you can pay as you go. No need to pay for something before it's exactly what you're looking for.  

This is the real deal you guys. One of our mission statements is to connect our community with tools that we believe will enhance your life - and that's [literally] what OOTify is all about. OOTify comes so highly recommend by us because we truly feel this is a perfect example of fulfilling our mission as a platform for you. 


What You Can Do Right Now:

The OOTify app is set to beta launch towards the end of May in conjunction with Mental Health Month...so soon! In the meantime, we highly encourage you to head over to OOTify.com/TheFabric and build your profile so you can start participating in conversational threads about anything and everything today. Personally, we are currently addicted to the "Mental Wellness" thread on the site, where helpful resources are posted and encouraging messages are available of what is working for people going through similar issues as you might be.  

Join the movement today at OOTify.com. See you there!

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-The Obsessive Outsiders TeaM