Introducing: Mindfully Restored Retreats


Nourish Your Minds & The Obsessive Outsiders

have partnered to create a brand new event accessible to the Mental Health Community. 

The concept came about through many discussions between Anna, the self-love and recovery coach behind Nourish Your Minds, and our Founder, Kerry. Anna and Kerry instantly connected in March at the 3rd Annual Southern California OCD Conference through their participating roles. Throughout many heartfelt discussions about the mental health community and how all of us can play a better role in helping other OCD sufferers live a higher quality of life, the catchy idea of removing ourselves from the hamster wheel of everyday life, work, responsibilities, electronics - whatever the norm is for you - and allowing our minds to unplug, disconnect and rejuvenate for a few days could be the best natural medicine. The truth is, we seem to all be so accustomed to the rush of everyday life, and it's okay to intentionally set times (or a weekend) aside to shock our minds out of the routine, sparking growth. In order to grow, we must do something different - something that pushes us beyond our comfort zone. 



  Mindfully Restored Retreats was born - an extended weekend retreat in September of 2018 (Specific dates TBD) in Joshua Tree National Park. This retreat is set with the intention of stripping away the crippling, don't-know-how-to-get-out crutch that holds us captive to our mental illnesses, depression, anxiety, OCD, and so much more. In order to get the full effects from this retreat, we invite you to come as you are, broken and battered, scared and skeptic, tired and confused, or just coasting through life - and set the intention and goal of a new kind of self-investment. Self-care on steroids anyone? We're talking getting back to the basics of where it all began - nature. Camping, hiking, bonding over new friendships and campfires, led sunrise meditations, prompted journal (provided) time to help us get in touch with our truest emotions, various activities that help us let go and learn to forgive - even ourselves! - and a personalized goody bag that is stuffed with essential oil blends, among other crafty trinkets to use throughout the weekend. 

But we don't want to just have an epic weekend and leave it at that. Included in the retreat fee, is a personalized follow up program to help provide the support, guidance and accountability you need after returning back home so you can maintain what you learned with us, practiced with us and now want to live.

*There are limited spots for the retreat as the intention is to keep it small and effective. If this is something of interest to you, please email us through our contact page and let us know you're interested to receive further information. There will be a small application to fill out so we can adjust the weekend to fit you personally.

Our goal is to make this retreat benefit you in the best possible way - and if all goes well - we plan on taking it across the US, Canada, and across the world to include as many of you as we possible can. Because YOU matter to us. You're not just another subscriber, follower, observer - you are our community friend and ally in this life of navigating a healthy mind and life. You're not alone. You're with us. 

We hope to hear from you soon!

- Anna & Kerry