Will I See You This Weekend?! (I sure hope so!)

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The first of it's kind event coming to Los Angeles THIS WEEKEND!

Show Up LA is the first ever installation of the Show Up Series. The event series is focused on self love, mental health, self-care and body positivity. 

To be more specific, the Show Up Series is a place to celebrate you, as you are, today. A place where we believe in putting ourselves first. Where self love is never selfish. Where mental health is just as important as physical health. We find beauty in the raw, authentic, and real. We embrace those who are willing to be vulnerable. We find power in our struggles. We remind each attendee that they are worthy of love, that they are enough. 

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Will you be in Los Angeles or surrounding areas this weekend? COME OUT! There will be a huge, amazing selections of speakers at the event, and I am so honored to say I am one of these highlighted speakers! Tickets are expensive, I will warn you, but trust me, with everything I have heard to be included in the value of this day - well, it's invaluable. And I'm not just talking about the $300+ goodie bags or hearing from the keynote speaker, Lindsey Simcik, actress and host of the Almost 30 Podcast. OR the number of incredible, groundbreaking influencers who are on the media list for you to mingle and network with. Since I am a speaker, I was given a code for $40 off your ticket! FORTY! The code is just, "KERRY" - feel free to use it and grab your tickets here

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OH OH OH! Did I mention the special lunch is being prepared for us by one of the finalists of Master Chef?! Count. Me. In. 

Are you coming? If so, please let me know so I can make sure to grab you and say hello! I can't wait to meet the people who have already sent me their confirmation! You guys are a truly unreal tribe. 

All my love to my Outsiders,
- Kerry