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The Obsessive Outsider is a patient-to-patient memoir of inspiration on how to live a fully functioning life amidst severe Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. The book is a refreshing take from a real patients perspective of what life can look like once you have conquered the worst of OCD. Kerry grew exhausted of a market where books on OCD were mainly written from doctors and therapists with high credentials and a large content of medical jargon. She set out to write a book in simple terms from someone just like you, to speak to you one-on-one on how to suit up to fight your OCD.

Kerry, the original "obsessive outsider," takes you on a journey in Part One of the book through her life - from being a perfectly normal teen who's world was suddenly crumbled by OCD, to her experiences with many unfulfilling therapists and treatments, to her path on understanding OCD and the tools she used to get her life back once again. You will see Kerry's perspective on OCD shift from a dire, extreme belief rooted in obsessions and compulsions to actually letting go of the death grip before your eyes through therapy and perseverance. 

Part Two of the book is a compilation of Kerry's techniques to face OCD head on in a step-by-step guidance. Kerry touches on everything from how to approach the fight against OCD, to just doing it, to keeping the lifestyle of battling OCD consistent going forward in everyday life.

Kerry's 'no more excuses' approach will leave you inspired and ready to start making the changes you so desperately need to make to live a fully functioning life amidst OCD. Kerry's passion for motivating change and courage in other obsessive outsiders is infectious, and you are bound to catch her enthusiasm once you see how dramatically her life has changed after the worst of her OCD was gone.