"Mentally misunderstood" Youtube channel

Collaboration by The obsessive outsiders and Happy Pill

Weekly videos drop every Monday!

The foundation of this channel to provide a casual, Easy, trendy, and normal environment for discussing the taboo subject of mental illness. We're taking the "taboo" part (which is literally just a misunderstood stigma) and making it normal. Our goal is to show up and stand up on behalf of all mental disorders and prove how wrong the misunderstood stigma of mental illness really is. We're talking to the media, and to any common outlet or person who has the stigma of OCD and related disorders so wrong. If you are into it, we would love your support by subscribing to the youtube channel here!

Episode 1: talk show introduction

episode 2: Meet Kerry, founder of the obsessive outsiders

Episode 3: Meet Daniella, Founder of Happy Pill

Episode 4: Social Stigma and Mental Illness

Episode 5: Creating Change

Episode 6: The Differences in Disorders

Episode 7: Understanding Mental Disorders

Episode 8: Reacting to outsiders

Episode 9: Invisible Illnesses

Episode 10: Public Perception of Disorders

Episode 11: Vulnerability and Pioneering

Episode 12: How we met and our platform

Episode 13: Seeking Help