We are paving a path in mental health that is changing the game. Honestly, we are paving a path we couldn't find, so we created it.

We specialize in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and have a three-part mission that we take very seriously. As serious as the "Outsiders" are about creating a new outlook for the media and average person on mental health - we also have one thing in common as to how we've gotten to a Place of OCD Recovery. 

Laughter. We do our best every single day to find any moments of lightheartedness. Our whole world can go dark at the passing of a thought that shoots through our minds as fast as a shooting star, so we seek, crave and search for light anywhere we go. We laugh, and we laugh hard, every single day. Some of us hadn't laughed in years - we forgot how - but once we laughed again, we realized the negative thoughts couldn't consume us in the moment we were truly, wholeheartedly laughing. 

Our Mission: 

1. To inspire Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder sufferers into the belief and pursuit of a life into OCD Recovery by proving that recovery is REAL with the right kind of effort.

2. To create a platform for the unheard OCD sufferers to unapologetically step forward to break free of the taboo, stigmatized subject of mental illness by creating a new age, bold statement of facts and awareness to the media and to the average person.

3. To connect our community with the best tools and brands on the market for mental health. This could be helpful apps, like the nOCD app or the OOTify app or stigma-sparking conversations via products such as mental health mugs - even connecting you to other platforms with similar missions, such as happy pill. We are constantly searching for new things to bring you peace or a laugh. Or both.