Exist to Live, Not Live to Exist



Do you ever just stop what you're doing and look up? Do you ever replace something on your endless "To-Do" list to self-reflect, or to truly take a moment and examine who you are, why you are wherever you are, and how you got there?

These are the types of questions that we often forget about or stray from. We don't want to have to dig deep. Either we are too busy - or we intentionally avoid. The world around us is constantly buzzing, constant chaos. We are infiltrated with the negative news, false representations of body image, the hype of "being happy," when no one knows what the answer to being truly happy really is. The relentless, intrusive, unwanted thoughts and images. The visions. The impulses. The desire to do whatever you can possibly do to just stop. the. chaos. in. your. mind.

Today is January 16th, 2018.
Take that in, really sit back and think about who you are. When asked that question, who ever actually says they are truly happy with who they are and where they are in life? We can't think of anyone. That's because life is a continuous journey, and it's meant to stay that way. You're not meant to simply exist, be attractive and constantly happy. This isn't the Stepford Wives. No plant, no animal, no man-made product, no human being was ever made to just exist. We exist because we were given life to LIVE.

If you are stuck in your mental illness and you just can't find the air. If you can't get out of bed most days and just feel nothing at all. If you're tired of your daily and weekly routine - whatever it is - whatever you feel. Allow yourself to feel tired of it. Then identify what it is that is making you so unhappy or unfulfilled. Is it the thoughts that shoot through your mind that you are falling in the trap of? Is it loneliness, perhaps lack of purpose, fear or anger at why you feel this way when everyone else seems to somehow have figured it out?

It's easier just to stay in bed. Not let yourself have to think too deeply, because the emptiness has become your comfort zone. 

Step OUT. Today. Change your routine, do something impulsive, like splurge on your favorite meal, engage in a self care appointment like cheap reflexology, or take yourself to go see a movie and wolf down a popcorn and Diet Coke. Turn on a diffuser and take in the scent of Eucalyptus - a scent that makes you feel alive. Sink into a chair and just allow your entire body to just relax. You're too tense. You have to get out of this mindset if you ever want to change your lifestyle, or if you ever want to be in a recovery state of your mental illness. 

It's possible, Outsiders. Existing to truly, unequivocally LIVE. 

Start here - Don't be afraid of the real YOU. 

Today's Challenge, January 16th, 2018

  • Find or buy a cute small box, and decorate/personalize it. From this point forward this will be what we Outsiders call "The Box of You." It's literally a box where overtime you can fill with little things that remind you who the hell you are and what makes you happy. A box to help you see a future, by creating it right before your very eyes. If you get complimented, write it down and stick it in the box. If you read or hear something that actually penetrated through you, document it in there. Receipts of the solo movie date you took yourself on. Your favorite picture of yourself. A moment of progress, a documented hour you realized you didn't feel mentally tortured, or a time and date you actually laughed, really laughed. Keep this box somewhere private, and you won't believe the rush of emotion that will come through your body when you continually read and scan through the contents.
  • The first thing you should put inside this box a list of five things about yourself. This isn't a pity party box. Only the good goes in. Write down the things that set you apart from everyone else. What makes you, you. That sense of individuality you will see on that paper gives you a sense of purpose in life. Only you are all of those five things put together, for there is no one else who exists who is just like you. That's your power, and your power is your purpose. 

Check out these examples of boxes to spark some ideas to personalize "The Box Of You." It can be any box. Even a cardboard box, as long as you make it yours. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 10.37.25 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 10.37.48 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 10.38.13 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 10.41.50 PM.png

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