"Mentally Misunderstood" - Find Us On YouTube!


"Mentally Misunderstood" YouTube Channel Has Dropped!

Do you ever feel mentally misunderstood?
Because we do & it's exhausting.
And that's exactly why we're changing it.

The Obsessive Outsiders became blessed the day we met Daniella Mohazab, Founder and CEO of Happy Pill. It was one of those perfect storms where social media changed everything. You know that feeling? Daniela reached out to us and wanted to schedule a phone meeting with our founder. The rest is history! They are now great friends and collaborative partners with many upcoming ventures. We feel so blessed to have found happy pill, not only because of their Business brilliance, but because they hold the same vision we do. They provide a trendy platform for women to share their mental health stories. they're the site that helps us feel normal.  

Since that First phone meeting, we've been:

Featured on the Happy Pill website

-Our Founder was invited to speak on a panel at a mental health event in Los angeles

- Had a one of a kind inside experience of filming inside USC's world-renowned newsroom, and now we get to continue filming!

- Developed an incredible friendship and collaboration content calendar

- Been introduced to other like minded companies (just wait til' you see what we have cookin') and many mental professionals, patients, and mental health sufferers who we have been able to touch.


The latest outcome of the blending collaboration of The Obsessive Outsiders x Happy Pill?
Our new YouTube channel. A place where we film a talkshow about bringing mental illness out of the dark, misunderstood shadows, and into the light. 

We would love for you to go on this journey with us! We will be interviewing guests, taking audience questions, etc. We'd be honored for you to subscribe to the channel and check out our Intro Video here