Five Star Review: "UNSTUCK: An OCD Kids Movie"

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"Young People with an Adult-Sized Problem"
This line got my attention - real quick.


We were recently connected with the filmmakers of "Unstuck: An OCD Kids Movie," Kelly Anderson and Chris Baier. Heard of it? Just wait -you will.

They let The Obsessive Outsiders privately review the film before it hits the film festivals this year. We were beyond honored. I, Kerry, wasn't diagnosed with OCD until I was eighteen - many of our Outsiders community are late-teens to young adults. That being said, seeing the brutal extent of OCD play out in the lives of the six featured children and young teens in this documentary (ages 8-18) was eye-opening to say the least. Fascinating, actually. Six unique, yet such familiar stories from kids who have been through the unimaginable and are courageous enough to put it all on film for the world to see. We Outsiders know how vulnerable it is to actually break down our obsessions for people - like no thanks - we loathe the judgement and often keep it as private as possible. Not these kids. 

So, what sets this film apart enough to make us want to promote the hell out of it?

"UNSTUCK" doesn't set out to just give the world a glimpse of OCD - the film went where many films and documentaries on OCD don't normally go. That is - the film featured six kids after they had already received treatment and had regained control of their lives. This wasn't just a fascinating film to give an inside look on the crazy stigma of OCD - it was to give an inside look on the solutions that have worked for OCD. And that's what our movement is ALL about.

Each of these six kids were so poised - so mature and so able to freely talk about the demons of OCD they have lived through. They each took the measures of brutal exposures and truly conquered their fears & compulsions, and lived to tell the story of how they did it...and how worth it - it is in the end.

After watching the film, the first thing I did was email Chris and ask him what I could do to help. This movie NEEDS to hit the big screens. These kids were stronger and more mature and wise than I am today. That's what adversity does to a person, no? Age isn't a factor in adversity. Dedication and perseverance towards the goal of the solution is the only factor needed. There was no pity, no sympathy, not an attention-seeking fiber in any of these kids' stories. It was raw, real, and graceful beyond belief. I decided to put all other newsletter topics on hold for this week because getting the word out about this film is so important, not to mention, the epic content and fantastic production.

The film is not yet available to buy or stream due to the upcoming film festivals it will be featured in. Currently, just professionals, therapists and educators can buy it via their distributor, New Day Films.


They have an option for people like us (and YOU!) to host Community Screenings and we will get a discounted price on the film for showing. If you are a teacher or colleague, it is available on Kanopy Screening here.

If you aren't into any of that, showing your support on their Facebook page would be amazing. They host a monthly broadcast/interview with one kid/teen with OCD. Or go check out their YouTube Channel to view some snippets from the film.