OCD COACHING? - Email Me What You Think


You guys know my approach when it comes to OCD. 

It's an unfiltered, unapologetic, real and very raw approach of my belief in the pursuit of OCD Recovery. This was not always my approach. For years, I was sunken in a hole without any real belief there was a life after the worst of OCD was fought. Weekly therapy, going home, not actually feeling any better, spiraling into a hole yet again, and waiting for next week's appointment. This is inefficient if you don't have the tools you need to be your own therapist. No more.

Ultimately as you all should know by now, I went through the Intensive Therapy Program at The Gateway Institute in Costa Mesa, California. Jim Sterner, the Founder and my therapist knew immediately I needed much more than weekly therapy. I needed intensive, everyday therapy to become strong enough to monitor my own compulsions alone and practice ERP with no one watching over me. That didn't just apply to me. It applies to anyone with OCD. Why? Because OCD is 24/7, and therapy sessions are not. 


Because of this program and my own perseverance for years afterwards, I'm in the position I am today. A once very sick, lost student turned author, public speaker, Founder of an engaging mental health movement, and have so many new things coming on the horizon. Seriously - I can't wait to announce what I'm doing next month! AH!

Okay. Back to the part where I need YOUR feedback. Yes, yours. The more feedback I get from this incredibly engaging community, the better I know how to lead my following.

I had a business call this week that was the lightbulb conversation I needed. I am constantly trying to figure out what else I can bring to the OCD Recovery table for you guys. A book? Check, on it's way. A weekly newsletter to get you out of work zone and into YOUR zone? Check. Weekly YouTube video series? Check. An ongoing, engaging, relatable platform? CHECK. 

One thing that is a consistent part of my everyday life is direct messages and emails I receive from OCD sufferers, their spouse(s), family and friends. They ask me very detailed questions and really want to know more about OCD and how I got where I am today. If you are one of those people who I've spoken with, shout out to you! Thank you for trusting my advice. I find myself spending a lot of time engaging with people and providing valuable advice and support and the feedback I get is always so positive. The gratitude I feel knowing I helped you or a loved one look at OCD in a new way is indescribable. 

Basically, I've been an OCD Coach this entire time. For free. Which is exactly how I wanted it, but a girl has to make a living! And I would love that living to be doing something I am so knowledgeable on and have so much positive experience from. 

My question for you guys is this - If I were to start officially OCD coaching as my primary service, would you be interested? Instead of just back and forth, unstructured direct messages, it would be a program that can totally work with your schedule. Fifteen-minute free consultation so I can get an idea of what I can do for you and the game plan begins from an hourly rate there on out. Anything from just an hour session for support because I GET IT, to weekly video chats and calls, meet ups, to a full on accountability program.

It needs to be very clear that I am not a professionally trained therapist or doctor who can provide any medical advice. The entire point that I love about being an OCD Coach is that it's what I already am because of my own personal, hellish experience. That's the level I want to help you on, not from a therapist level. This is going to be different, a buddy system. Now that I can look back and see what I could have done differently to see relief faster, how could I NOT do that for you or a loved one? 

I would be a support system, a facilitator, and coach to guide you. 

Thank you all for your support and for letting me lean on YOU for feedback!