Mental Health on The Mighty Facebook LIVE Interview

Coolest. Opportunity. Ever.

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Last week, we were invited to the Mental Health on The Mighty Headquarters to film a Facebook Live interview hosted by Mental Health Advocate, Rudy Caseres. 

The Backstory -  When Kerry had her first article published by Mental Health on the Mighty and OCD on The Mighty, she had barely started speaking up about her OCD. The Obsessive Outsiders didn't yet exist. That was a little over a year ago. The blasted publication of that very article is what set the tone and confidence behind The Obsessive Outsiders brand and business, and has ultimately led to the multitude of hats in mental health we wear today. 

We were GEEKING out when we got the invitation almost one year later to film at The Mighty Headquarters in Burbank, CA. 

Kerry and Rudy talked for an hour about everything you can imagine and hit many points that often are not openly discussed surrounding mental health. Points such as the lack of young adult advocates and how we can increase this number, to when the right time to "come out" of the mental illness closet is. *If the words "coming out" just triggered you, we challenge you to take this opportunity to acknowledge and expose the obsession, accept the uncertainty, and just keep reading...

The Mighty team couldn't have been more inviting and comforting on set. From main editors to the producer of the live show, it was seamless and so relaxed. Because of the eased setting, the interview could not have been more productive and rewarding. Thank you to everyone who tuned in and pitched live questions! 

Check out the full interview here and let us know what you think! We love our subscribers feedback.

Till next week!

-The Team at The Obsessive Outsiders