Our Biggest Gig Yet...


We are so honored to be speaking at the Southern California International OCD Foundation Affiliate Conference on March 24th, in Irvine, CA. Not only will our Kerry Osborn be speaking on a panel at the conference, she will also be representing The Obsessive Outsiders at The Gateway Institute booth.

Stop by, shake our hands, and pick up a limited-edition brochure that includes the first and only excerpt from Kerry's upcoming book,
The Obsessive Outsider.
 It would be a pleasure to meet you in person!

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We Are...

  • Speaking on a panel called, "OCD Recovery: We Conquered OCD, and You Can Too!"
  • Holding interactive breakout sessions, with live Q+A interactions 
  • Networking out little hearts out to bring better tools to help YOU
  • Handing out cool marketing paraphernalia
  • OH YEAH...and being endorsed by The Gateway Institute themselves. PINCH US.
  • Last but not least, this conference will be our Founder Kerry's first public appearance as an official OCD Coach! That's right, the legal docs are hot off the press, the session/package details are going live on our site next week, and we can't believe we already have multiple clients who are ready to start our coaching program! (FYI...this is the topic of next week's newsletter - how we got here and who mentored us to bring you the best support available). Don't miss it!
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Details About The Conference

(Click here to be directed to the full conference information)

Date: March 24th, 2018
Location: Irvine, CA
Time: 10:30am-5pm
Included: Professional Networking Breakfast, Keynote Speaker, Lunch, Breakout Sessions, Closing Q+A.

If you are available to come to the one-day conference or have interest, click here to get your *very affordable* tickets. 

If you will be in attendance, please be sure to stop by The Gateway Institute booth and say hello! Connecting with our subscribers is our priority, and we couldn't continue this innovative mental health movement without your support. 

Talk soon! ;)

- The crew at The Obsessive Outsiders

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